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Best Stock Broker Canada you can start with

Starting your stock broking journey can be tough if you do not take the beginning steps right. A lot can go wrong with the slightest mistakes, like not selecting the best stock broker Canada. Knowing all your options and the reasons to select any of them is equally important, and here we will discuss everything you need to know about the best stock broker Canada options that you can choose.

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Things to look for when selecting the best stock broker Canada

One of the biggest mistakes many traders make at the beginning of their trading journey is selecting the wrong broker. Most of them copy or follow others or blindly follow others’ advice. What you need to do instead is look for the platform that brings better value for you. Here is how you can see if a broker is bringing better value for you or not.

Regulation and Platform reliability

The first thing to look for is the broker’s reliability. 2 main things define the reliability any stockbroker can offer you. One is the regulatory authority’s compliance with your local regulatory authority. The second one is the reliability of the platform.

For example, if a stockbroker complies with IIROC, it is reliable in Canada. Similarly, if a broker provides reliable platforms like MetaTrader 4 or 5, it can be a better choice. So, always look for these 2 things when selecting the best stock broker Canada

Minimum deposits

Next, you need to look for options where you are not bound to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars. Platforms having minimum deposit requirements are good, especially for beginners, because you can risk huge sums of money.

Commissions and fees

Another important thing to consider is the commission and fee for trades and other things. Brokers usually charge for things like:

  • Deposits and withdrawals
  • Annual fees
  • Trade fees
  • Other platform fees

So, a broker with the least fees means you get the best benefit and experience. Whether you are a beginner or not, you must always select such platforms.

User interface

User interface and platform availability also matter a lot. If you are not getting the best user interface, you might miss a closing trade opportunity that results in a loss. Similarly, a broker must be available across different devices in this digital age so one can easily trade on the go.

Educational and Analytical tools

The last thing you need to check before going with any stock broker in Canada is the availability of educational resources. These can be educational materials or tools, bots, or human advisors. Similarly, the broker must provide some analytical tools to assist you through market analysis. This way, it will be easier for you to learn specific things and gain a better trading experience.

The best stock broker Canada choices for you

The following are the 5 best stock brokers that you can choose in Canada.

1. Wealthsimple

Wealthsimple is on the top of our list because of the convenience this platform brings you. It automatically tells you about the best strategy for your trading, and the robo-advisor automates the trading experience for you. You can also check out the educational resources if you do not want to leave everything up to automation.

Although the customer support is not quick because of the ticket system, you get world-class assistance on your turn. One of the best things about Wealthsimple is that it offers socially-responsible, eco-friendly, and halal investment options to let you invest in the right way.


IBKR, also known as Interactive Brokers, is a good choice for experienced traders because of the wide range of options it brings. With IBKR, you can access more than 135 global markets with options like Forex, fund trading, futures, and more. It also lets you trade with 23 currencies across the globe. One of the best things about IBKR is that it brings free trading options and tighter prices.

3. IFC Markets

IFC Markets is a reliable stock broker in Canada that has been serving traders for more than 15 years. It comes with the insurance of AIG Europe, meaning that you will not face any security or reliability issues. You can trade with more than 600 instruments here with platforms like MetaTrader 4 and 5. It also has its proprietary platform for a better trading experience. Lastly, IFC markets come with some of its synthetic instruments exclusively created by professionals. These instruments bring better trading and learning opportunities for everyone.

4. Qtrade

One of the main highlights of Qtrade is its competitive pricing and seamless platform. The user interface is good here, and the whole trading platform is easy to navigate. You get a simple trading experience with everything important present on the front.

Qtrade also provides commission-free trading options for trading EFTs. On top of that, you get a top-notch customer experience with the best customer service and enhanced analytical tools.


CIBC brings a balanced trading experience with some features being very friendly for you while the others are a little hard to maintain. Here you can customize the trading experience with different components at the interface. You can also add your favorite 3rd party research and analysis tools for a richer trading experience.

The best stock broker Canada options – Comparison

Broker Educational resources Minimum deposit Platform availability
Wealthsimple Good educational resources $0 Web and Mobile app
IBKR Effective educational resources $100 Web and Mobile app
IFC Markets Extensive educational tools $0 Web and Mobile app
Qtrade Good educational tools $0 Web and Mobile app
CIBC Good educational tools $0 Web and Mobile app

While all of these brokers provide a desktop and mobile trading opportunity, it depends on your experience and education about trading and which one you choose. It is also important to consider the trading options available at these best stock brokers Canada options. The minimum deposit requirements are also easy to meet for these 5, considering $100 being the highest.


Selecting the best stock broker Canada may seem a tough decision. However, once you make the right decision, you will get several benefits for your decision. So, instead of following or copying others blindly, do a little bit of research and know which of these platforms offers the best value for your trading needs.